United Chemicals is a company that listens to you, to bring you the best quality products to make your life easier.

Our philosophy is Listen, Understand and Provide. We provide many products that benefit you. From our UNIFRESH fish to farm fresh eggs and salt, all to keep you healthy and well. It is all well planned and executed to suit your needs. We are inspired by you, and that is what helps us grow.


Founder United Chemicals

United Chemicals was started in 2010 by MR. Bala who is always looking for fresh ideas and constantly striving to improve products and services to better your lives, after all innovation is the key to success and that is what will always happen here.

Our current offerings include:

UNIFRESH - A brand that strives to bring you the best quality food products in the most hygienic and healthy way.

We employ the most current technology to bring you exceptional eco-friendly products that have been developed through research to suit your needs. We work towards long term goals to help us develop a sustainable business. We love exploring the un-tapped market for it has so much potential for growth.

We at United Chemicals would love to hear what you have to say about us, please feel free to contact us by heading over to our contact page and send in your thoughts.